Dr. Xun Gong

- Brief professional biography/academic cv

2018 – 2020: Post-doctoral research fellow, SOAS, University of London

2018: PhD INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales), Paris


- Overview of main research fields, most important activities and achievements 2014-2020

Main research fields: Sino-Tibetan historical linguistics, language documentation, computer-assisted historical linguistics


Most important activities & achievements:

– Documentation of Zbu Rgyalrong, an endangered Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Southeastern Tibet – A new reconstruction of the phonology of Tangut, a mediaeval Sino-Tibetan language of Northwestern China – The CAPR system for computer-assisted reconstruction of proto-languages – Various papers in the historical linguistics of Chinese, Tibetan, and Burmo-Qiangic languages


Most important teaching and supervision activities and achievements:

– Various courses in Chinese, Tibetan dialectology, general linguistics and computational linguistics